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The Cedar Waxwing is a dazzling find and sports a bandit like black mask and a unique silky smooth look, from which it derives it's name Waxwing. A native American continent bird, the Waxwing is common in Southern Canada and Northern America in the summer months and Southern North America into Middle America during the colder winter months. A social bird they often travel in large flocks during the summer when they can be found eating berries and fruits. A common site on farms and near streams, the Waxwing is a darling of bird lovers. Exceptional felting workmanship makes our highly representational backyard bird ornaments something very special. Educational, decorative and entertaining for birding enthusiasts as well as everyday admirers of nature's most amazing creatures... birds! Lovingly soft to the touch because they are made with fine natural merino wool. Each bird exhibits the personality of the animal as well as the skilled touch of the artisans who enjoy working in a fair trade production center. The wonderful hand-felted details bring a smile to everyone's face. Each bird has a string loop. Handmade felt components are created and assembled by skilled artisans working in a fair trade production center in Kathmandu, Nepal. Artisans use 100% natural wool and non-toxic, azo-free dyes. Wool scraps are recycled into new products. 4.5" L