Handmade Needle Felt Vibrant Veggies (Set of 4) Hanging Decorations

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On a health kick? We're sure you could cook up a storm with these fair trade ingredients. Peas in a pod for the sentimental types, Chilli for the risk takers, Carrots for the true country bumpkins or a Tomato for the controversial non-conformist - which one is your favourite? Each vegetable has been delicately needle felted and hand stitched from sustainable, biodegradable materials that are so natural you could almost eat 'em! Each bag contains one of each gorgeous vegetable - 1 x Carrot, 1 x Tomato, 1 x Chilli and 1 x Peas in a pod. The price is inclusive for the set of four.

Type: Hanging Decorations (Set of four)

Dimensions: Between 5cm - 8cm approx

Material: 100% wool

Suitable from: 3 years

Manufacturing: Handmade by traditional needle felting/wet felting techniques.